Football Guide

Soccer encyclopedia, guide for beginners & fans

The Game

Overview of the world's most popular game, describes different types of soccer games, origin & evolution of football; explains the rules, the player positions, the strategy & tactics.


How did football evolve? Discover the colorful origin of soccer, its greatest moments & key events.


Identify and study the different tactics and strategies employed during a football game.


The most unforgettable tragedies, shocking scandals and controversies in soccer history.

Way of life

A deeper look at the various ways that football shapes cultures, society, entertainment, etc.

Football Quizzes

How much do you know of football? Test your knowledge of the game by taking these fun soccer quizzes!

The Rules

Learn the various rules and regulations that governs a game of association football, including details on the tasks of officials and players.

Basic rules

Get a better understanding of the laws & regulations that govern a football game.


Everything about the official soccer ball, its size, weight, materials, history and evolution.


Roles & responsibilities of football officials; their career, training & equipment.


Details the rules that apply to the football goalie, his equipment and training.

Football Competitions

World Cup

Everything you need to know about the biggest sporting event -- the Football World Cup or Mundial.

Euro Championship

A competition every four years that features European national football teams.

Champions League

Details & info of the most famous football clubs championship in the whole of Europe.

Europa League

Europe's second most important cup for clubs that failed to qualify for the Championship League.


Germany's premier football competition, sometimes referred to as the Fußball-Bundesliga.

Premier League

England's main football tournament, the most-watch football league in the world.

CAF Champions League

A yearly club tournament of the best & biggest African football leagues.

African Cup of Nations

The primary international football competition in the African continent.

The Gold Cup

National football team competition for North & Central Americas and the Caribbean Islands.

Copa Libertadores

The most prestigious football club competition for South American teams.

Copa America

The oldest international continental football competition to find the best of South America.

Asian Cup

The second oldest continental football championship competition in the world.

The Best Players

Who are the best soccer players of all time? What are their career & accomplishments?

Famous players

Careers & personal lives of the greatest football players in the history of the game.

Soccer Terms

Common terminologies in football, definition and meaning.

Glossary of terms

A dictionary of football terminologies and their meanings.